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Gourmet Traveller has spent half a century traversing the country and uncovering the most outstanding food, wine, and restaurant experiences on offer. Gourmet Traveller has built its name in being an authority on the distinct culinary contexts found throughout Australia and now we want to share it with you. The Gourmet Traveller Gift Card is a bite-sized portion of Gourmet Traveller’s storied gourmet tradition, one you’re now invited to be a part of.

With a country as culturally rich and varied as ours, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card helps you find your next great food experience: from exceptional fine dining with world-class views to that new eatery everyone’s talking about embedded in some vibrant inner-city suburb, the choice is yours to make.

It’s that world of choice that sets the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card apart. Whether it’s to thank a new client for that new contract going ahead, or a friend visiting Australia for the first time, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card allows the giftee to follow their taste buds and create their own dining adventure. Simple to give and an absolute treat to receive, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card is the perfect way to mark any occasion.

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About Us

The Gourmet Traveller Gift Card is brought to you by Edge, Australia’s gift card specialists. We’re proud to gift over a million cards across the country every year, and that’s why we’re confident we know a thing or two about how to make people smile.

We fundamentally believe in gifting moments that are memorable, that are personal, and that only grow richer and become more valuable over time. With its extensive stable of exceptional participating restaurants found across the country, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card checks all the boxes. What better gift to give family and friends, clients and colleagues than a slice of Australian gourmet dining at its finest? The restaurateurs that participate in the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card are true culinary masters, and they’re all in the business of delivering unforgettable dining experiences. Given the freedom to choose from a rich selection of participating restaurants specialising in a diverse suite of international and local cuisines, our giftees can be sure to find one to match their own personal taste and style. And who knows: maybe they’ll even find their new favourite spot.

When we’re not liaising with restaurateurs, we’re out exploring the country, hunting down its best-kept culinary secrets, and keeping our fingers on the pulse of the hottest food trends and can’t-be-missed experiences. Even though the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card opens a portal to a premium selection of Australian restaurants, we’re continually dedicated to looking for the newest speakeasy, the next great burger joint, or the next exceptional local to keep on bringing you the greatest gourmet gift and helps you find your next great food experience.

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