344 Sandgate Rd, Albion, Queensland 4010

Phone number

07 3862 3606

Opening hours

Tue - Sat
11:30am - late

Vaquero dining is nestled in under the Old Albion town hall built-in the 1800s. Full of character this venue lets the imagination run wild. The speakeasy style entry through a vintage themed butcher shop sees the space open up into a beautifully fitted out dining haven. The food is inspired by the Spanish Vaquero (herdsman) with aged and cured meats front and center on a beautifully designed ever changing menu. Chef Damon porter and his team work side by side with a skilled team of bartenders and waiters. This is a elegantly casual dining venue with flexibility across the board for events and intimate or romantic dinners welcomes its little sister "on the side" by Vaquero. If you are looking for a small bar for a drink before or after your dinner with friends, just pop next door. With Albion trains station 150 meters away Vaquero and On the side will satisfy your every need. Thank you for you interest for our Albion hidden gem.

Location map